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Nassau Hose Company # 1
Engine 1

Engine 1 was founded on April 15, 1911 due to the need for a hose company in the expanding village.  Their first rig was a horse drawn hose cart, which may have originally belonged to Truck 1.  Later, the department purchased a steamer from Lawrence-Cedarhurst, which is now in the Baltimore Fire Museum.  They originally operated out of a firehouse on Merrick Road, east of Franklin Ave. until the construction of a new fire headquarters a few blocks away in 1929.  They operate unit 341, a 1994 Spartan/RD Murray 1500 GPM pumper.  Engine 1 responds out of Fire Headquarters, located at the intersection of Rockaway Parkway and E. Oxford St.  Their first due area is the northeast part of town.

347, 341, 349 and 348 at Fire Headquarters

341, a 1994 Spartan/RD Murray 1500 GPM pumper
Picture taken on the ramp of Headquarters

341 at Truck Day 2005
Photo by Steve Takacs

341 at night
Photo by Steve Takacs

Vintage Engine 1 Pictures

Engine 1's first firehouse on Merrick Rd

Engine 1's first hose cart

 Ahrens-Metropolitan Steamer, around 1917
Purchased from Lawrence-Cedarhurst FD
Now on display at the Baltimore Fire Museum

1925 American LaFrance Type 12 Chemical and Hose truck

1950 Ahrens Fox 1000 GPM pumper in front of Headquarters

1962 Maxim 1000 GPM pumper in front of Headquarters
Kept as a spare into the early 1980's, renumber as unit 3417 and later 3411
Roof added on later

Engine 1's 1976 Mack CF pumper in the Memorial Day Parade on Rockaway Ave, early 1980s
This truck was sold to Argentina with Truck 2's Seagrave in the mid-1990s
1962 Maxim is behind it

Other Engine 1 Pictures

Engine 1 with Santa, 2004
Photo by Steve Takacs
Engine 1 with Santa, 2005
Photo by Steve Takacs

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