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Hook & Ladder Company # 2
Truck 2

Truck 2 was formed on July 25, 1951 to fill the need for a second ladder company to protect the West End.  They were given Truck 1's old 1925 American LaFrance city service truck (Old Betsy) until they got their own aerial.  They operate unit 346, a 2004 Seagrave 100' aerial. Truck 2 responds out of the Clearstream Ave firehouse with Engine 4 and is first due in the western part of town. 

Clearstream Ave Firehouse, home of the Border Patrol

Truck 2 at Truck Day 2005
Photos by Steve Takacs

Capt Ernest Bohringer and Lt Spenser Nimmo dedicating the truck
Also pictured are Ed Fare and Chief Joe Garofalo

 Members of Truck 2:  Biscardi, A; Bohriner, E., Cussen, B; Egan, R; Fare, E; Lam, V; Leahy, T; Nimmo, S; Ochman, E; Petry, R; Smith, E; Vecchione, D Capt Ernest Bohringer christens the new rig

Wetdown of the new 346, November 2004
Photos by Steve Takacs

More pictures of 346
Photos by Steve Takacs

The new 346 at delivery
Photo by Steve Takacs

Previous Truck 2 Apparatus

1952 American LaFrance 85 foot ladder
Photo in front of the original Clearstream Ave firehouse
This truck was totaled in a tragic accident in 1962

1963 Seagrave 85 foot ladder
Later served as Spare 3461
It earned the name "Rickety Rig" while serving Truck 1 during the old tower ladder's refurbishment
Later sold to Argentina in the mid 90's along with Engine 1's old Mack

Truck 2, April 1964

<>Lieut Al Barnych, Pete Grimm, John Wagenblast, Joe Williams, Don Mackin, Bob Bell, Joe Brunner, Dan Mulhearn, Ray Bookman, Charlie Hauptmann, Bob Spashnig, John DeRosa, Capt Jimmy Renna
Photo Courtesy of Dan Mulhearn

1984 Mack 106 foot LTI ladder during Fire Prevention Week '98 in Hendrickson Park

1984 Mack with 50th Anniversary sign on aerial (circa 2001)

More Truck 2 Pictures

Truck 2 Drill, December 2004
Included in pictures are Lt Spenser Nimmo, FF Joe
Tesoriero and FF Tim Leahy
Photos by Steve Takacs

Truck 2 Elevated Master Stream Drill, December 2004
Capt E. Bohringer on the turntable
Photos by Steve Takacs

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