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The Valley Stream Fire Department
In Action
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Carroll Ave House Fire, 2/16/08

More photos here

House Fire, Horton Ave, 1/30/06
Photo by Walter Weltner

September 2005 House Fire Drill, 240 Corona Ave at Keller


Photos by Steve Takacs

Auto Accident with Spill, Corona and Merrick, September 2005

Photos by Steve Takacs 

Auto Accident on Sunrise Hwy in Lynbrook (Mutual Aid), September 2005
349 and 3401 responded

Photos by Steve Takacs

June 2, 2005 General Alarm at Macy's, Green Acres Mall

Photos by Steve Takacs

Truck Fire, May 31, 2005
Photos by Steve Takacs

May 2005 Car Accidents

Engine 4 and Rescue at an MVA, Merrick Rd & Terrace Pl

MVA on Dogwood Rd

MVA on McKeon Ave

Signal 10 May 2005
Cumberland Rd


Photos by Steve Takacs

Photos by
Brian Gerarato

Engine 2 at a General Alarm on Rockaway Ave, May 2, 2005
Photos by Steve Takacs

Truck 1 operating at a smoke investigation call at the Bank of New York on Rockaway Ave, Apr 2005
341, 342, 345, & 347 responded
Photos by Steve Takacs

MVA at Merrick & Grove, Feb 2005
Engine 1 and Rescue responded
Photo by Steve Takacs

Video of Inatome Steakhouse Fire, 10/31/10
 (many more pictures at most of the links below)

Signal 10 House Fire
Edwards Pl

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